Read about what this scientist has given to the Sickle Cell Community!!

Shawnstestimony welcomes Professor Brian Hussain King to the family OFFICIALLY! This man has changed my life! Seriously...when I first came across his page on Facebook. He made me want to learn more and more about the science behind this illness. He has so much information to share and I was like a kid in a candy store because of everything I have learned from his work. I always wanted to do a blog for him and I am humbled that he has excepted my offer. I have so much respect and love and admiration for this man and I promise you he can answer any questions that you may have about this illness. JUST ASK GUYS! It is not often that we can say we have access to an actual scientists and researchers so please take advantage of this opportunity to ask him any thing you want to know about the science.

Words by The Professor:

I was born in Guyana and came to england in 1962 as a baby. I schooled in Harrow and stanmore. I come from a family where all affected in dividuals with SCD. My mother was SC my Farther was SS&Thal. I  started studying about SCD when I was 13yrs old and did it for 40yrs. I looked after my Mother and my Brother who was a Senior Registrar in Heamatology. Dr.Steve Hussain with SS. My Farther was a Surgeon with SS&Thal. I became a Genetic Researcher specialising in SCD.I am 55yrs old with SS&Thal. I researched the Origins of Sickle Cell Disease.I am currently researching for a cure for SCD using Gene therapy. I started a Charity, Medical Center, Support Group, Institute, Business, Voluntary Group, Convalence Home,Hospital Ward for SCD. I give out Haemoglobinopath Cards for Affected individuals. To give to A&E, Write Protocols for Emergency Management of SCD Nursing Protocols. Training for Health Professions. Nurses ,Doctors,Heamtologist,Pathologist,Coroners, I write Post mortems based on Histology and Pathology. I research medical Complaints. Specialise in Medical Negligencs. Gene Therapy, Clinical Trials of drugs used to treat patients with SCD. I think ,I eat, Ibreathe SCD. I resarched how to create SS in Mice. To stop them using Humans as ginea pigs for new drugs. I showed them how Bone Marrow transplants can be a cure for young children with SS. I advise on Preventative Medicine. Natural Diets than helf prevent sickling Crisises. I have advoided hospital for crisises and treat my self at home. I have Morphine, Oxygen, Blood , antibiotics and treat myself at home. I only go to hosital for Major problermsb  Heart palpatations, Clots.etc.