The Life of a Sickle Marine

Jul. 16, 2017

Hi my name is Terrian Love. I have sickle cell SS disease. I was a sniper in marsoc. Which is Marine Corp Special Forces. I did 12 years. I have 2 purple hearts and a bronze star. Did 3 tours in Iraq. I was always told I couldn't do this or that because of my illness. But after 9/11 I seen my chance. I enlisted into the Marines. I graduated honor men out of 536 Marines in Hotel company. I had crisis but I pushed through. I did it because they said I couldn't. Me and God thought different.Never be afraid of the moment. Be afraid that you don't have the opportunity to even have a moment. I don't believe in quitting. So for me the Marines is all I had. I love my wife my kids and most of all my country. When you truly love something you don't mind the hurt. Love is a war of will if your not willing to risk it all you've already lost.