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My Pain Is Not Me 

Dear Nurses and Doctors
When you see me , you see me at my worst. You see my tears , my blood and my sweat .You see the me that wants to give up , the me that can take no more . You see the me that tires of being poked and examined ,tested and scanned. But you also see the me that slowly recovers and exchanges tears with smiles and constantly goes from a tattered bare tree in the winter into green a blossoming beauty in the spring .
So each time you see me don't just see my pain and try to put it on a scale from 1-10, put me on a scale of illness -health and guess what level I want to be at .I, just like you, have a family who needs me , a man or woman at home who misses me and kids who cry for me . I am sickler but I am strong and at home is where I belong.
So don't see me as a patient to be "dealt with" or "handled" or a case to be "discussed " or "referred" but see me as a person in need of care and deserving of respect .And then, only then will you realize "My Pain Is Not Me" .
Sincerely DOAMS

Melissa Murray


The One That I Call HE"

He loves me 

He loves him some me 

He never leaves my side,
And within my every step 
This "guy" he is my stride .
How do I know he loves me ?
Was it something that he said ?
It's cause he's always there you see
When at night I rest my weary head 
He hurts me sometimes ,
So many times to be exact ,
But somehow I always find , 
The strength, to keep my soul intact . 
Day in , day out, when I'm up and about 
That "guy" he whispers in my ear 
"Don't get too full of yourself "
And forget I'm running the show here .
He calls me beauty ,
But how can beauty be ?
When deep in beauty there lies within,
"He " who is the beast
And I've taken my blows 
I don't let them show,
And with a smile I let them hide
For his name it's Sickle Cell 
And I'm keeping "him " inside !!

For all my fellow sicklers.