Jul. 11, 2017

Sickle Cell and Suicide

#Sicklecell and #suicide are two subjects that nobody wants to talk about...but when is it too late to speak on it? After the funeral I guess...or how about we just put our grown folk undies on and talk before it's too late! I can honestly say that knowledge strengthen me! To search out that knowledge I had to have faith that God didn't put this on me by accident. God tag me for a reason so for me to search and figure it out was my strength and then came my kids. That was when I got it and it enabled me to tell my truth a little at a time. Please understand that I am nowhere near finished my journey so if your beginning now it's not too late because there's so much to learn still. The thoughts are human but they are also an effect of the illness! So NO...you shouldn't be ashamed or feel weak Bc it is what it is. These cells are going to flow whether we like it or not so working with that fact and letting others in on that fact can make it a little easier and they will understand a little more than they did yesterday. To hear #prodigy speak about his #suicideattempt at such a young age broke my heart but it build my heart right back up that next second because I know this has to be done for our soldiers in training! How many of you had thoughts of just ending the pain? How many of you attempted?

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