Answers on the table!

Feb. 4, 2016

The Tuckers
Danielle Jamison
Tim White
Howard Moore
Natalie Anderson

Feb. 4, 2016

The reason for THIS blog is to make ppl comfortable when sharing THEIR TRUTHS. This illness and how a majority of us are treated AIN'T PRETTY! The topics will be ones we rarely speak on soo...IJS...REAL AWARENESS STEM'S FROM TRUTH!

Feb. 3, 2016

I asked the panel if they wanted to share anything before the premeire...
(Danielle Jamison)
No, not really just maybe to mention that I have SS and I am the Senior Advocate at HUSH, the basics.

(LaToya Tucker)
Nope not that I can think of other just being a mommy warrior.

(Timothy White)
I have SS and I am the president of Victory Boys and Girls Sickle Cell Association here in Lubbock Texas. We are doing some reorganing and changing the name right now. However, I'm a advocate for this illness..

(Natalie Moffett Anderson)
I have a trait daughter has SS 29 years old . she was an experient baby. Early on in my life I partook in the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation. camp, educating the kids, spending quality time with others just like them . big impact on those kids lives today. I am still learning, so much has changed since my daughter became an adult. i am very grateful shawn asked me to join. Allow me the opportunity to learn more educate myself due to the changes, and how to better support my fellow warriors when needed. Thank You Shawn.for I know you.

(Howard Moore)
Hello Shawn
I'll participate as I can. Jus a lil difficult today to interact fully.
But,know that being trait status and having a daughter succumb to SCD
AND my grandson going through painful SCD episodes and crises has been an eye opening lifelong multigenerational ever-changing ,ever-learning experience.And we truly must have faith and we must continue to build on that faith in God...and sickle cell awareness and advocacy for the masses.
Strength In Numbers!
Collectively we CAN create the response we need.

My prayers are with you all

We are fighting and we are winning!
Rest in Love
Mosura Moore