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December 18, 2014 at 7:39pm ·
"HealthCare & The Sickle Cell Community"
The Healthcare system is no longer in existence. No matter which doctor I am parked in front of they don’t hear me nor do they see me. They see computer screens and numbers. They no longer look patients in the eyes or examine them. All minor ailments I’ve casually mentioned gets ignored or pushed off to the next doctor.
Thirty years ago doctors would take your hand, look you in your eyes, and ask you how are you feeling …how are your kids? Your family? Now your just a number on their computer screens and with sickle cell your just assumed to be a drug seeking individual that they do not want to be bothered with, rather its Urgent Care, Emergency or just a regular maintenance doctor visit, with sickle cell flowing through my veins my forehead is stamped, “ Drug User”.
We are not recognized as individuals with life threating disorders, enlarged hearts, or damaged organs…..We are marked …forever marked as “Drug Seeking”, Irate acting, Non-listening, Faking, Bad-mannered, rude, “Drug-Seeking-Sicklers”.
I am here to tell you all that read this public message, pay attention, and follow along. …To All Medical Staff, Nurses, Assistants, Doctors, Family and Friends….We…”The Sickle Cell Community” are NOT drug seeking addicts. Let Me repeat that….We Are Not drug seeking addicts! We are human beings whom wish to have some level of normalcy in our everyday lives. We are men and women with children, jobs, feelings and emotions. And we just want to get through our day without all the obstacles that come with Our life threatening disability.
We are fighters and some of Us fight harder, louder, and even more aggressive than others. It’s important to understand this fight comes from deep within our souls. We are exhausted, our bodies are riddled with issues and complications, and all we want is compassion, professional and sincere medical care…Care given and administered by competent individuals whom understand we are not a medical record number but a person whom wants to not be in pain just to live our daily lives.
So the next time you see, hear, or know of a sickle cell patient….Stop and smile, look, and listen and embrace them with kindness, and understanding and if you have no clue what excruciating pain we are truly in …just ask…Our tears, over beating pulse, short of breath, low blood, and sometimes yells and screams, will give you the real chart for how bad is your pain. And please do not forget…
“Tolerance is not an Addiction”
This public message is from the desk of “TheSickleCellDiva Forever” ; December 18, 2014 [Feel free to copy, print, and give to all medical staff, family or friend whom sometimes need reminding what we go through]