Sep. 12, 2015


This is a short story about how Sickle Cell needs the awareness this month is about.When I was 16 the Black Panthers(Yes! the Black Panthers .Just a lil history for ya') of the Portland,Oregon Chapter under the direction of Kent Ford. Pushed to have all Portland Public Schools test students of African, Mediterranean , Indian or Asian descent for Sickle Cell trait. That's how I found out I had the trait...Not my doctor!! ...because someone cared enough to have testing done en masse AT SCHOOL!! So, literally you MUST BE PROACTIVE .Because there is no real support in the traditional health structures for Sickle Cell .Having said that . We know now that there ARE some White/Caucasian people that DO have the trait AND the Disease. This IS Sickle Cell awareness month right ?

That's important to know. Its clearly an INHERITED GENETIC disease of the blood .Not a RACE disease. Because the disease touches ALL races . Further it was a mutation created by the body thousands of years ago to protect the body against malaria. A disease transmitted to humans from INFECTED MOSQUITOES. 
Yes ! Sickle Cell was created and was adapted by the body to defend itself against MALARIA . A simple explanation of how it works . Is that when the MALARIA virus invaded the body /blood . The normal blood cell would."sickle" to entrap the virus that invaded the cell. So , the body in a valiant heroic effort mutated it's own cell structure to SAVE YOUR LIFE!... Unfortunately , IT OVERCOMPENSATED and could not return to it's original perfect shape. That allowed it to transport blood and oxygen. In it's heroic effort to save you. It became a killer.

Now, what I must share is that , when and If you find out YOU have the trait. It is the responsible and right thing to do , to TELL your sex partner (before SEX ) . That you have the trait. If your partner does not know and you are having unprotected sex...AND your partner has the trait. Both you and your mate are taking chances on having a child. That COULD have the disease.

Its absolutely necessary to GET TESTED. BOTH OF YOU MUST KNOW YOUR TRAIT STATUS BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX! Now , just because you tell your partner to GET TESTED. Doesn't mean they will. You must be serious about being responsible and make sure they are serious about getting tested as well. And make sure you verify the test results .I'm serious ! OTHERWISE you are taking a chance and rolling the dice on your children having a disease that is incredibly painful ALL OF THEIR LIVES.

...and as we speak IT IS TERMINAL. And you WILL suffer as a parent with them their entire life.

There's alot of history that I've left out. But this is for Public consumption. But , I will say this.
Don't assume your partner is taking precautions to prevent a Sickle Cell birth possibility OR telling you the Truth about their SCD trait status. Do not take that chance ...NO ONE should take chances . These children suffer incredibly until their death. So be responsible! If you have active sperm (men) or you are still childbearing capable (women) Then you MUST KNOW YOUR TRAIT STATUS. Get tested NOW. We can at least curtail the suffering...until there is a cure. Please SHARE! and ADVISE YOUR CHILDREN.

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