Feb. 9, 2016


Can I ask a few questions y'all?

How do you feel 5years later? Do you feel like the community as a whole is moving forward or are we stuck? What do you want to happen for the next 5yrs of NO PAIN'S journey?

(Diamond Ray) how do I feel 5 years later, I feel incredible, I'm living my dreams, actually, I couldn't have dreamed this its too real. I feel like the world is a better place for people with Sickle Cell because of all the people who have gotten in on the act of Awareness with in the sickle cell community and my sickle cell snap back goes off to everybody at each level of awareness from the those who have been around like SCDAA, Voices of Sickle Cell  to Bold Lips For Sickle Cell & Sickle  I would say we are moving forward as a community but still have a long way to go in having  Unity in our community and that is why we will stand and continue in our drive and passion for awareness and togetherness and continue to remind everyone to Save The Cells use the Hashtag STCSCD and that there's No Pain In The Playroom.