Aug. 22, 2015

A young woman living w/SCD


Hello there Everyone! It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all into my world! I’m so delighted that you stopped by and it is my sincere hope that you will stay for awhile, look around, and get comfy! Many thanks to you for coming by and checking me out.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Kristi Gee, and I am a Sickler. What the heck is a sickler? Well, I’m glad you asked. The term “sickler” is not one that you will find in Webster’s dictionary; nor is it a term that the average person living in America might happen to run across randomly. Sickler is a term used by most medical personnel to describe a person who suffers from Sickle Cell Disease. I happen to suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia which is the most severe form of Sickle Cell Disease. Sickle Cell Anemia is a genetic blood disorder involving the mutation of the red blood cells thereby causing the shape of many of the red blood cells to be oblong with sharp ends, much like the shape of a banana or sickle. I will be going into much more detail about this disease and discussing what it is like to live with.

Other than the fact that I have a severe, life threatening illness, I lead a pretty “normal” life, whatever that is. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I guess what I’m trying to convey is that I’m a Black woman in my thirties living in America trying to navigate my way through life as I love, hurt, observe, question, wonder, philosophize, discover, and feel. I am a creative person and writing is my passion. So, this is the place where I will attempt to express my thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences, and much much more. This blog is a window into my life, my heart, my head, my soul, and pretty much just MY WORLD.

While I will frequently be discussing my illness and how it affects my life, that is definitely not all I will be posting about. This blog is not an attempt to teach you all of the medical background and knowledge regarding Sickle Cell Disease and if you are interested in knowing more detail about the medical side of Sickle Cell Disease then I definitely encourage you to research it. This blog will not be providing all of the details and definitions of each type of Sickle Cell Disease. I will be writing about MY experiences and a few of the experiences of people I know suffering from these illnesses. Mostly, I will be talking about my everyday life experiences and part of what makes them so unique is the fact that I’m living with this disease.

So, I guess that’s enough of an introduction…I’m ready to just get to it. I can paint the picture with my words, better than I can explain or define what this blog is all about. I hope that you will be intrigued, interested, provoked, stimulated, inspired, educated, and mainly motivated to check me out regularly as well as comment and ask questions. Feel free to ask me anything!

Oh, and I guess I should let you know that I don’t really censor myself when writing, so I do use profanity, slang, and language that many people would definitely not consider “politically correct”. I certainly don’t intend to be offensive or insulting, so if I ever come off that way, let me know and understand that it is in no way intentional.

So, all that being said… let’s get to it!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your visit into my world!


Peace and blessings,