Feb. 11, 2016

Healing to Wholeness

God allows difficulties in our lives to cause us to turn to Him. He is always there to meet our eeds for healing, deliverance and success. However, He desires beyond these felt needs that our greater need for wholeness be met. This story traces the path from healing to wholeness.

Need for healing brought the lepers to Jesus: Our felt needs bring us to Jesus. They had heard the gospel that Jesus heals. They called out in a loud voice; they were serious about their need.

Jesus saw them: Even though they were far off, Jesus saw them. He sees us even when we are far away from Him.

One showed gratitude: He came back praising God in a loud voice. He was a Samaritan, half-caste and despised by the Jews. Warning to second generation Christians, familiarity breeds contempt. We need to learn to show gratitude.


Your faith has made you well: Well = sozo Greek for saved, more than just cleansed. Faith evidenced in thanking God and falling at Jesus feet. What number are YOU?  10 cured of physical disease, only 1 cured of both physical and spiritual disease; 10 had felt need meant, only 1 had real need met; 10 got what they wanted, only 1 got what God wanted; 10 got healed, only 1 was made whole.

What do you want today? A pill to take away the symptom or the cure to rid you of the disease? Jesus wants you to be whole. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless (1Th 5:23). Will you come and fall at His feet? Your faith will make you whole. 

I pray for wholeness for all of us.... we need each other to survive. We are on this journey by grace. Share this message with someone today. DUCHESS JOYCE EL