Feb. 9, 2016

You Were Created To Change Somebody

Thousand of want to change. They just do not know how to change. Every alcoholic hates his bondage. Most smokers long to quit. Drug addicts sit for hours wondering how they can break their chains of bondage. Stop for a moment. What are your own greatest gifts? What is the center of your expertise? Are you a good listener? A good speaker? Whatever your gift is that is what God will use to bless others through you. 

Your gift may not be needed by everybody. But it is definitely needed by somebody. You are capable of motivating somebody. Maybe you can provide a climate, an atmosphere that unlocks the creativity of another. People want to succeed. People want to improve, people want to be healed and saved.

Someone has been waiting for you for a lifetime. They are worth pursuing. You are the golden thread missing in their life. People want the change. All our hearts held together like a string of pearls. Take a journey to reach out today to someone in need- of prayer, encouragement, a meal and visit.  You may be that pearl that save them on today.

Duchess Joyce El