Feb. 8, 2016


This morning I woke up feeling angry and depressed because something I thought I wanted to happen did not go the way I had intended.

If you think creating A Mind With Heart means you will never experience "negative" feelings, that's not how it works.

We NEED our negative emotions so we can identify fear based beliefs and send them back to Source through our Hearts so they can be corrected.

Here's an analogy that might make this a bit more clear:

If you eat a healthy meal one day, does that mean you will never feel hunger again?  Of course not! We need to feel hunger so we know when to feed our bodies.

Negative emotions are like the hunger pangs of our Soul.

Our Hearts are telling us that something we perceive in our physical reality needs correction. We need to access the Love based Truth from our Hearts to correct our perception, and the results feed our Soul.

The quality of what we feed our Soul is just as important as the quality of food we put into our bodies. When we are perceiving physical reality with fear based beliefs, we are feeding the Soul junk food. When we replace fear based belief with Love based Truth, we are feeding the Soul with superior nutrition.

The results are a healthy Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Creating A Mind With Heart allows me to identify fear based beliefs before I take actions that might harm myself or others. It's not that I don't feel anger, fear, depression, or even despair at times.

The difference is the ACTION I take.  I take action by sending those fear based beliefs back to Source for correction, through the gateway of my Heart.

The result is Love based Truth - like today's Healing Message From A Mind With Heart.

I received this Love based Truth when I realized that I did not know the True Why for the results I had hoped for and intended. I discovered my "Why" is to live a life a value, to myself and others.

Source then sent me this Love based Truth to help me understand and embody what a life of value truly is. It's not about money, things, or approval from others.

"A life of value embodies the qualities of God - Love, Light, Truth and Life.

I'm not saying that money, things, and relationships are not important - they are. But they only have value when they are given substance with Love based Truth - with the qualities of Love, Light, Truth and Life.

With this in Mind, I am now ready to move into my day and experience what I know will be beautiful, joy filled results.  In fact, I've already begun to experience those things.  Freed from the oppression of fear based beliefs, I can now enjoy this beautiful day, the flowers in my yard, and conversations with friends.

Creating A Mind With Heart for yourself and the World is perhaps the most valuable thing you might ever do for your life." --Ilana Moss, Heartcompass Enterprises