Feb. 5, 2016

Act of Courage and Integrity

“Perhaps you do not think of yourself as a courageous person, thinking that courage is something that some are endowed with and not others. But in truth, courage is something that everyone must forge and develop in his or her own experience. This happens through making difficult decisions. This also happens through making important mistakes, learning through these mistakes and taking the necessary steps to set things right.” — 

“All things that are most highly valued in human life— love, patience, devotion, tolerance, forgiveness, true accomplishment, courage and faith—all naturally arise from Spirit, for Spirit is their source. They are but the outward expression of a mind that is serving Spirit. Thus, they need not be forced upon oneself through arduous self-discipline. They arise naturally, for the mind serving Spirit can only exemplify its own greatness and its own capabilities.” 

Please share this site, the inspiration with others. You may be the one that save a soul on today... do you have the courage to pay it forward?  “Every act of courage and integrity requires overcoming something, releasing something and escaping something, both within yourself and outside of yourself.” — The Great Waves of Change      Duchess Joyce El

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