Jan. 6, 2016


I sit in the calm of the morning, the stillness- seeking the presence of my Father as I anxiously await to greet Him and thank Him for the dawn of another day. The weeping endure during the night, the busyness of my mind, rethinking and remembering the things that I took to Him but immediately I returned in my mind to pickup those very things I gave to Him to resolve. Why? I said I trusted Him and he said He will never leave nor forsake me. 

My Father, where are you? I am waiting. Oh yes, I am rushing you and wanting you to come on my time, on my terms.. so sorry Father. So as I await your visit I will pray the Lord's Prayer and then hum a song to you. 

There you are My Father with your host of angels, covering me in your glory, your majesty-- your Spirit overtakes me.. I feel safe, I feel adored, I feel the warmth of your presence. I knew you would come! Thanks for loving me in spite of my lack of faith and patience. 

I can feel a warmth, a light source- What a beautiful sun has arose and I welcome you as I lift my hands to the heaven. I am now covered and ready to rise from my knees and take this day on as a victorious child knowing that I have received your anointing and blessing of yet another day.

 I will share this magnificent love today with all that I greet... for you are the reason and source of my Light. 

Written by Duchess Joyce El

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