Dec. 28, 2015

Every year we make lie-lutions (it's not really a word)

Every year we make lie-lutions (not really a word) of how we will change and transform for a better year moving forward. By March 1st we have abandon our lie-lutions and feel defeated.

Moving forward let us not even go there! Let us start with small baby steps and each day create one new thing and overcome one challenge. This is keeping it real!!!

Today is, in fact, just another day, and tomorrow is one, as well.
I don’t mean to minimize the excitement of the New Year, or any of the days we’ve chosen to celebrate for religious or honorary reasons. I love a big event as much as the next person; in fact, I sometimes bust out a Pepsi and a cupcake in the parking lot to celebrate my new resolutions.

What I’m saying is that New Year’s resolutions often fail for a reason, and it’s only slightly related to intention or discipline.

Resolutions fail because they don’t emerge from true breakthroughs. They’re calendar-driven obligations; and they often address the symptoms, not the cause of our unhappiness.
Some resolutions are smart for our physical and emotional health and well-being. Quitting smoking, losing weight, managing stress better—these are all healthy things. So, perhaps the best resolution has nothing to do with giving up all those not-so-healthy things and everything to do with adopting a new mindset that will make it less tempting to turn to them.

But if we don’t address what underlies our needs to light up, order double bacon cheeseburgers, and worry ourselves into frenzies, will it really help to vow on one arbitrary day to give up everything that helps us pretend we’re fine?

It’s almost like we set ourselves up for failure to avoid addressing the messy stuff. Let us understand the first principle of success: DISCIPLINE! Let us study the word, spell the word, define the word... and become the word. Keep me posted on your progress for the week and don't forget to share this with someone else. Your discipline may save a life on today! --Duchess