Dec. 3, 2015

Even the Windmill has Changed!

Place in a different position; adjust or alter the position of. God is allowing the pressure in your life to position or maneuver you to your purpose or destiny. Allow Him to have His way. He is causing you and I to look beyond our comfort zone and our familiar territory. He may position you to where you never imagined you would be.

Sometimes God has to reposition us to make the places that got crooked to be straight! Also, God is starting to position us where He wants us to be, where He chose us to be before the foundation of the world. If you are seeking God to be what He wants you to be, you will feel His hand gently turning you spiritually. This turning will be reflected in the natural too.

You are finding or will find that God is closing doors that you thought that He opened and felt very comfortable in. He is maneuvering you to place you where you will be the most effective. It may not be the place that you thought that He would move you. Be strong and of good courage; faint not. Let us not live a lie and unfulfilled.

THINK OF ONE THING ON TODAY THAT YOU WILL REPOSITION-e.g. change of doctor, change attitude, elt go of a unhealthy relationship, call and ask for forgiveness just to name a few.

We need you on the battle field with us so REPOSITION yourselves so that we can be strong for each other.. Love you DUCHESS