Dec. 2, 2015

Special Prayer for our Warriors Against Bullying

Bullying- praying for our Children

Our prayers and inspirations today focuses on victims of bullying among students with a disability or chronic illness. Our Sickle Cell Warriors (children-youth) endure continous pain, medical appointments and taking medications. Some are unable to actively play contact sports and participate in various activities. Therefore, as guardians of their care, we may encourage and direct them into the arts, literature and music or activities that are less strenous.

We have a warrior that is 9 yrs old and he is brilliant in literature and drawing. He can hold an intelligent conversation with any adult and can give reference and facts. He wise and caring- But he is being bullied at school! I am asking that we pray for him and his family because at that age it is difficult to explain and express the humiliation and pain that he is feeling. The first thing the school want to do is put the label of mental issues and anger management on the victim but do nothing to resolve the issue with the "bully". In a child's heart and mind this is unfair.

In some instances, mothers and fathers become consumed with the care of their child with a chronic illness or disability, at the expense of nearly everything else in their lives. Parents are already dealing with much more and to have to deal with bullying is just plain "extra".

While we cannot hide our children away from the world, we can be proactive in guarding them. We can shield them in far greater ways than wrapping them in a plastic bubble or locking them in their rooms for the rest of their lives. You and I can pray. We can intercede for our children, praying for wisdom, protection, peace, and strength. thank you for all your love, support and feedback.--- PLEASE TAKE TIME TO REVIEW OUR ENTIRE WEBSITE AND SHARE THE LINK WITH OTHERS.

LaShawn H (Founder) Duchess Joyce E (Administrator)