Dec. 1, 2015

Tuesday's Testimony Written by Alecia Lee

Sitting here realizing just how far GOD has brought me...I've been thru hell, I've gotten into fights where i should have gone to jail, I've said things to people that cut deeper than a knife, I've had my heart torn out of my chest and shredded to pieces, I've sat and watch important people in my life pass away, I've seen how friends become family and those same friends become distance memories, I've seen the good in others even when they didn't see it in me, I've always given more than I've ever had in my life, I've bent over backwards and gone out of my way for others and still never got the same in return from some(not that I expected it)...BUT I've always been a WOMAN of GOD!!! Did I backslide, Yes....Do I still Yes....I'm not perfect and I don't ever try to be....The only thing I ever try to be is a better woman than I was yesterday, better than I was 5, 10, 15 years ago.....I've come to learn to lean on GOD and the people he's put in my life. Each of you are here for a reason right at this very moment.......Im not at Church the way I want to be, but that doesn't stop me from reading my bible, praying, meditating on Gods word, spreading my love for God to others, and praying for the lost, sick, shut in and non believers, and those who think they can form a weapon of destruction against me!!! When I look back and see where I use to be.....

All I do is cry and give GOD ALL THE GLORY....BECAUSE HE BROUGHT ME OUT OF A FIERY MUCK.....MY LIFE WAS NOT ON THE PATH HE SET FOR ME AND I WAS HEADED FOR DESTRUCTION!!!! So if you see me smiling and ask how are you today....I'm going to tell you BLESSED.....I'm going to tell you that its only GRACE, MERCY, FAVOR AND FAITH THAT MAKE ME ME.....Sometimes we just need silence to hear GOD speaking, sometimes we need silence to allow us to look back and see where we use to be and how much we have changed......Sometimes being alone in a peaceful place makes you realize just how blessed you really are......Sometimes you just need alone time to find your soul and where your going and who you really are.........I love you! written by Alecia Lee

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