Nov. 26, 2015

We are Grateful

At this time of year, families come together and it's a time of celebration. What do you do if you are in the middle of a any type of loss, depression or pain? You may find it hard to sing, “Joy to the World” or sit through the traditional family Thanksgiving dinner when you are feeling as if your life is falling apart. The answer is- you find a way to bear it and remain optimistic.

Here is the great news about the holidays- they don't change! No matter what changes you are going through in your personal life the holiday will always come and go. They're part of the solid ground that transcends what's happening on the surface of our lives. This is a season of peace, sharing love and gratitude. You owe it to yourself to celebrate and dig deep to find that peace, sharing, love and gratitude.

Automatically we shift from "what is missing in my life" to "what is already there for me to enjoy." The move is from lack to fullness, from "what I am grasping for" to "what I am grateful to already have in place." What we put our attention on grows, and this is true for gratitude as well. When we focus on the blessings in our lives, we tend to notice them more.
Relationships and feeling connected are also important keys to happiness. The opportunity to share positive expressions for one another in a kind and loving way is a soothing balm for day-to-day unconscious eruptions that may occur. The practice of appreciations makes everyone feel better and brings out the best in us all.

The entire team at Shawns Testimony.Com would like to say that we are grateful to each of you for your love and support of our Sickle Cell Warriors and our Awareness Movement. We thank your for visiting our website and sharing the information. You are our “ Blessed Family”.

Please share/forward this link to someone else.. YOU may be the gratefulness that save a life on THIS day. – Love you much