Nov. 24, 2015


Triggers for Holiday Depression

Depression during the holidays can take many forms and have many causes, but according to a study reported in 2007 by the Mayo Clinic, there are a few recognizable triggers. The study finds that depression brought on or intensified by the holidays often has three trigger points:

Relationships. There’s nothing “magical” about the holidays. We have a tendency to expect our relationships to be perfect during the holidays. If you have a tense relationship throughout the year, Thanksgiving Day may not be any different. Understanding this before the family gathering allows you time to pray and prepare yourself to extend grace to one another. Be understanding; everyone is under increased stress, so be quick to offer forgiveness.

Finances. The pressure to buy gifts, charitable opportunities at every store, holiday travel, and extra food can cause you to feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and sad. Set a giving budget early and stick to it. Spend only what you have allotted. Give yourself permission to cut back - a small, well-thought-out gift is greatly appreciated. Remember, you aren’t trying to buy happiness or love!

Physical demands. The shopping, parties, programs, and preparations can leave you wiped out, exhausted, and stressed. Be selective – you don’t have to go to every program or party! Take time for a relaxing walk and get enough sleep and you’ll help counter the effects of the stress.

Simply knowing what may trigger depression isn’t enough. We need to be pro-active in our defense against it.

TLC – Take a little time each day for yourself and do something you truly enjoy. Sit and rest in the presence of the Father. Let Him refresh and renew you.

If you find that you are unable to work through the feelings of sadness or depression, seek prayer from a trusted friend, consult your physician, or got to your pastor for guidance and help.

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