Nov. 19, 2015

"Do all the right you know how" written by -Shekyla Scott

Life is fleeting. Wondrous. Precious. I encourage those who realize it's value...and especially those who don' take another look at all it can entail. Spend time with family, and friends. Take time to listen. Read. Learn...then pass it on.
Go on...Smell the flowers. Dance in the rain. Love hard. Take chances. Be Kind. Do something nice for will make you feel good, I promise. Kiss your child. Hug your mother. Tell someone what they mean to you...while you have the chance.

Life. Well, life can be fickle. Life can happen to us fast, while we live through it slow. Be the sunshine in someone's life. Love hard. Laugh often. Take chances. Be kind to one another. Be there for someone who needs you...while you have the chance.

If you are able, travel the world. Experience other cultures. Feel the sun shine on your face in a different land. Plant a tree. Taste an exotic fruit! LIVE. For Life is a Gift...Live life so that at its end, you will have lived with no regrets.

Before you realize, before you know it, you will be out of time. You will have had all the time you will ever be given. Please! Please, don't waste it. Stand for something. Stand up for the things you believe in, and as my grandfather, Bishop Eugene Tompkins always said, "Do all the right you know how."
~Shekyla Scott, MD