Apr. 28, 2015


This is the one that had me in tears...
I am the GOOD PATIENT..I don't call for anything or harass them cause I know that I'm GOOD. For me to yell for someone means I COULDN'T FIX THIS PROBLEM. I didn't know that the wetness I was feeling was MY BLOOD...the stitches came loose. I REMEMBER SAYING THAT...I THINK I NEED SOME HELP CAUSE I HEARD CONVERSATIONS BEING HAD OUTSIDE MY DOOR. I was in and out of consciousness because the next sight I saw was about 8 ppl around me and I HEARD THE VOICE OF THE NURSE WHO IGNORED ME SAYING...Ms Hutchinson DO NOT CLOSE YOUR EYES. I was in ICU for a minute and found out that the Tech NOT THE NURSE...stuck his head in to check on me and HE FOUND ME. So yes that post is a REALITY and it's sad that it's supposed to be FUNNY.