I miss my Jon by Ms.Nita

I miss my Jon!! I guess you're happy now!
--by Nita T.--

To the staff of a couple of hospitals in Massachusetts,

I guess you're happy now!

I guess you're happy now because Jon is gone?

Glad you're not overhearing him saying those same old words, singing that same old song: "Nita, they are not listening to me!"

"Nita, hold on a minute."

"Nita, they are mistreating me!"

"Nita, they won't believe me!"

"Nita, they're going to kill me!"

"Nita, the ER staff just raised the phone up, pointed and laughed, as you spoke!"

"Nita, please help me!"

Dead. My Jon is dead and you killed him!!!

Born diagnosed with Sickle Cell, your staff threatened him! Refusing to give him any pain meds, until he detoxed! Thought you were being sly as a fox!

Making him walk blocks to get his pain meds refilled, to show him whose boss, after he leaves although not ready to leave the hospital, yet you won't listen & give him that toss, thinking you know more, and you're the BOSS!!!

You killed my friend!!!

I miss him!!!

I guess you're happy that you ignored the calls, the faxes, the messages. The messages, and the advocacy that I gave you for his behalf or along with his advocacy he did for himself!!!

That's F'ed up!

Your F'ed up!

Life is F'ed up, when you're diagnosed with Sickle Cell!!!

Jail - Hell- needing a hospital when the medical staff community gets a FAIL!!!

Hell NO! He didn't want to go . . .

Go to be Mis-treated!? Go to be called a liar, better yet~ a druggie!!!

Yes, he want to be free, but NO HE DIDN'T WANT YOU TO KILL HIM, DON'T YOU SEE!

He just wanted you to stop his pain!

Not rob him of his life, because of you not caring caused him endless struggle & strife, and then his life!!!

You killed him!

What you did was so wrong!!!

I cry all of the time now, because I miss my Jon!!

The Death of yet another Sickle Soldier #RIPJON

I've been contacted and requested to post something about Jon McClam ( The Web Ring, SCWAF, and WSCDay) on December 28, another one who (I say) was murdered by medical professionals. I have many texts, voice messages, and was often on the phone with him while on the hospital.

At this time, I was told, that the family wants all of his FB friends to know that he made his life transition.

My heart and soul have been impacted so greatly. I had not posted, because I was attempting to find the right words between the tears.

Our plan was for him to hold on, and come to Los Angeles so that I would personally, in the flesh, next to his side, advocate for him.

I've been on the phone with him countless times overhearing when the medical community members mistreated him. I spoke with them, and sometimes some of them understood. They killed him a little bit at a time, sometimes on a daily basis, until they finally . . .

It has to stop, and it stops with Jon! We have to do something radical, are this stuff continues.

Actually, the gathering has already started!


-Human Treatment for Sickle Cell-

I understand EVERYTHING that Ms.Nita Thompson just wrote! EV..VER..RYY..THINGG! What medical workers don't get is that their mistreatment is just as bad as the damage our cells cause. It weighs on your soul bc of how vulnerable we are in the moment of sickness. THEY are killing our bodies even faster than the cells are...smh 😒

Nurses being busted for stealing our meds!!!

This Nurse in North Carolina is charged with 4 felonies, but has a $150,000 bond for stealing Dilaudid, Morphine, Lorazepam, & Diazepam (some from her Sickle Cell and other patients in pain)!!!

This news really bothers me because I've heard many persons diagnosed with Sickle Cell say, they are NOT getting relief after receiving a dose of pain medicine, so:







And they just keep on coming!!!

So what can you do as a patient the next time you're in the hospital and you know that you were not getting your pain meds: I say tell someone in Administration, because you don't know where it stops on the floor!!!

Can we report someone stealing medication?:

We will NOT accept LEGAL RACISM anymore!!!

Sickle cell disease patients face increased bigotry, racism, discrimination & under treatment because of CDC guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain 


Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Founder
Black Doctors Matter
Nita Thompson, Founder
World Sickle Cell Foundation

CDC guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic 
pain are racist and discriminatory toward
African American chronic pain patients
Sickle cell disease patients face increased bigotry, 
racism, discrimination & under treatment because of 
CDC guidelines for prescribing opioids for 
chronic pain
CDC and NIH guidelines conflict concerning the 
treatment of sickle cell disease patients causing
pain, suffering and risk of premature death
Black Doctors Matter host conference exposing
racism over the over  prosecution  of black 
physicians  by law  enforcement   
Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D.
Nita Thompson
World Sickle Cell Foundation
(Los Angeles, CA) - T he recently published Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guideline For Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain were designed to address the prescription drug abuse problem in America.
Now, the most highly abused and racially discriminated patients in the American health care system face even greater pain and suffering, with premature death rates surely to rise.
New CDC guidelines are leading to Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patients, who are mostly African American, being denied the use of opiod pain medication by physicians in emergency rooms and hospitals throughout the nation.
The blatent discrimination of African Americans needing pain treatment is nothing new.
The National Medical Association (NMA), at the 2002 NMA Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly, cited "poor pain management" as a"major health problem" for African-Americans. 
According to an article published in the 9/22/02 issue of Jet Magazine
"Racial profiling by doctors and pharmacies, as well as the lack of Black Physicians, contribute to inadequate pain management, a serious national public health problem that affects millions of Blacks and other under served minority populations, according to an ongoing study by the National Medical Association
Based on the NMA's preliminary study findings: Racial profiling is more prevalent in pharmacies located in urban areas where pharmacies either refuse to carry certain opiate medications for fear or robbery, or a belief that prescriptions will be diverted for illegal use. 
The NMA, which represents the collective voice of 25,000 Black physicians, continues to evaluate disparities in pain treatment based on race." 
The  2014 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Sickle Cell Guidelines for the treatment of SCD patients include the use of narcotics during a "pain crises."
encourages physicians not to prescribe narcotics.
"The result is the denial of African Americans in chronic pain, especiallysickle cell disease (SCD), from receiving appropriate care because of racism and pain patient bigotry," states Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D.,Baptist medical missionary,  Founder of Black Doctors

"According to NIH guidelines, the CDC Guideline For Prescribing Opiods for Chronic Pain, supported by the DEA and law enforcement, discriminates against African Americans," continues Rev. Dr. Myers.
Myers, a victim of a "Medical Ferguson" in Oklahoma, founded Black Doctors Matter because of the over prosecution of black physicians by law enforcement and discrimination against African American patients and physicians.
As one of the leading grass roots advocates for the treatment of chronic pain in the country, through the American Pain Insitute (API), Rev Dr. Myers founded PAIN PATIENTS ADVOCACY WEEK during the last week of April. 
The year,  PAIN PATIENTS ADVOCACY WEEK is scheduled for April 23-30, 2016. A number of pain patient rallies and advocacy activities have been scheduled.
"We are committed to ending pain patient bigotry and discrimination by government agencies, law enforcement, along with hospitals and clinics,"states Rev. Dr. Myers. "Sickle cell disease patients are especially treated horribly when seeking emergency room treatment during a pain crises."
Many have witnessed first hand the inhumane treatment of people withSCD by hospitals and doctors following the publication of the  CDC Guideline For Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.
"This experience caused me much anguish, the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness," 
states Nita Thompson, Founder of the  World Sckle Cell Foundation, in regards to a SCD patient.  
"I could never imagine that doctors would be treating long time patients as they are now!"
"To see the acute pain of a person diagnosed with sickle cell metamorphosize i nto such uncontrollable pain, in such a very short time, was almost unbearable!" continues Thompson.
"Heart wrenching moans and whimpering from our patients," states Thompson. "The medical personal's justifying explanations for the mistreatment is unbelievable, and too often repeated 'I don't want to lose my license.'"
Sickle cell disease and chronic pain patient advocates are determined to fight for change.
The increasing number of suicides by chronic pain patients who are unable to obtain
adequate medical treatment is inhumane and unacceptable. 
The World Sickle Cell Foundation conducts World Sickle Cell Dayactivities on the "19th of June," J uneteenth Independence Day, in partnership with the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF).
Black Doctors Matter and the  National Juneteenth Medical Commissionwill be hosting a conference on medical racism during the 2016 10th anniversary of the American Medical Association (AMA) apology to black physicians for decades of racial discrimination, on the weekend of July 16th,  in Dallas, Texas. 
"The discriminatory over prosecution of black physicians by law enforcement and regulatory boards, especially when treating chronic pain patients who are poor and disenfranchised, will be highlighted during the conference," states Rev. Dr. Myers. 
National Juneteenth Black Medical Maafa Memorial Prayer Serviceand a protest rally at Parkland Hospital will take place during the conference. 
For information on Black Doctors Matter and the American Pain Institute (API), contact Dr. Myers at 662-392-2016, or web site: www.BlackDoctorsMatter.com .
  For information on the World Sickle Cell Foundation, contact Nita Thompson at 323-620-2050, or web site: www.WorldSickleCellFoundation.com.