Sep. 27, 2019

The Man On Fire

We all know Dr.Zaidi @redbloodcelldoctor from his passionate posts about #SickleCell! When I asked him if he had the illness himself and why he was sooo #ONFIRE 4 #SickleCellAwareness...He gave me an earful and I loved every bit of it! I wish that EVERYONE had the heart and compassion and the consistency to keep moving #ForwardTogether like he does ! But hey... we gotta keep moving forward with help or without! Okay...his post is on point and 100% TRUE! We are treated like we are NOTHING! First they peep our skin color and as soon as we say “I have #sicklecell”’s over! Their professionalism goes right out the door when they come face to face with us and THAT has to change! If you are interested in being a part of a global round table concerning this atrocity please please let me know by DM/Inbox/email #sicklecellisme