Jan. 17, 2017

Preach Father Howard! Mr.Moore be on it with his Sickle Cell Advocacy!


This is an issue you will continually encounter from your primary care physicians and other medical
" professionals". This stigma, this notion, this stereotype, this lie, this assumption ; that the chronically pained sickle cell patient is a drug seeker.
As if your sickle cell and its compromising complex [All Body] severe pain causing issues are a scheme, a ruse, a Fairytale, a lie of some sort to get you or your child
" high" off of a pain prescription.
Ludicrous! Stand your ground and EDUCATE about your condition. Start establishing and insisting on a dialogue between those who direct hospital policy at that location or that area.
Get sickle cell advocacy help if you are new or not well versed in defending your child and position. Insist on an Administrative Hearing Request if they think you are playing. This will get things moving if they continue to NOT implement a plan of action or establish an ER "bolus" of some sort to get you and or your pain BETTER than manageable.
If your PCP (primary care physician) is not supportive or an advocate for you. DUMP EM'! in a heartbeat! This is You and or Your loved one you are fighting for. So don't give up. Make it happen. YOU CAN! And YOU Must. Thank you and multiple blessings.

Howard Moore