Dec. 19, 2016

An AMAZING comment that was posted on my pic!!

Be thankful.......... .
Sweet night sleep to waking fine, stretching oneself out without glitch and jumping out of bed [literally] with full confidence of having a damn great day. No second guessing perhaps of failure.
Life pursuits, targets, aims and goals ain't delayed or derailed by one ill-condition or the order. Instead, all are steady going and rosy.
Got a great circle of friends, families and a superb relationship with the bae, because life ain't different from that of others neither is one being alienated from the rest. Why? Because there are no disappointments, cuts and stoppages. Reliability- just excellent.
Peradventure, the hospital got one lying on that sick bed, drugs and other therapies go smoothly due to sharp response to treatment and once discharge takes place, there are no fears of being back lying at the hospital's bed sooner or even later..
These and more are all wrapped up in a normal life and are being taken for granted or no big deal cus they're backed again by a NORMAL life.
Meanwhile, on the flip side lies those who struggle with what seems to come by easy for the NORMALs. Sleeping and waking are serious struggles to getting off the bed after so much contemplations and fear of crawling off that bed to go deal with the day's activities. Insecurity on the high.
Dreams and pursuits have got so much stops and starts. With the hindrances, one's race to the finish is just a very clear and sharp or/and deep contrast from others.
Life is just different from that of others around. The judgements from the outlook of those(friends, brothers sisters parents, families as a whole, spouse and......) surrounding one concerning one's life results to feelings of being put aside, seen as outcast and unimportant. These misconceptions from someone's very own people only lead to demoralization and feeling of being ignored, sidelined πŸ‘‰ostracized. .{now I see why I've been all about "where's the love" song by bep lately.
When it comes to being hospitalized, ahghh!! it's a complete drama entirely compared to that of the NORMALs. There at the hospital one thing is being treated yet another and even more rising and most times nothing tangible seems to come out from the medications. Then here comes πŸ‘‰the funny but very annoying and temper- rising medical staffs{not all, mind you} who cause more drama for the one hospitalized putting up all forms of disgusting attitude and attributing to the patient nonsense and more nonsense talks. Even after a discharge [most times an uncomfortable one] that being's joy ain't all complete for fear of being back at the hospital anytime soon even in the coming days even counted by the hours.
Taking off the veil from all the above talk, life is just a continuous struggle for those on the flip side of normal. A life of Normalcy is what sickle cell fighters battle for. Breathing, eating, laughing, sleeping, waking, walking, working, socialising and everything that seems to come by easy for a [normal] man yet are being unnoticed as something big because it just feels like a birthright, it just feels normal and no big deal. Yet there are those on one side who struggle to get these easy gifts. They had to fight for that normal life. Just a health condition causing tons of abnormalities in one's life. Sickle cell is a struggle and it's no joke for those who think it is.
My message is be thankful for your life because even the warriors and fighters of sickle cell are still thankful in their struggles. Never take nothing in life for granted no matter its magnitude. Some wish they were in your shoes. No wonder Philippians 4:4 be like "rejoice always" no matter the case. This is for my striving warriors also.
In conclusion,,,,
Living a normal everyday life for sickle cell fighters is a great deal. Again, this beast is no joke. Sorry if I don't tag everyone, it's an almost endless list. Free to tag /share πŸ’Ÿ
Be thankful for your life ☺
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