Oct. 7, 2016


So I haven't really been posting on my health lately because it had come to my attention that some folks thought I wanted attention well fuck you and that is not the case. Anywho I had a very frighting experience the other night and what a nurse said to me as I was leaving was so real and it just touched my heart and it's been on my mind heavy. So I moved to Fresno and I hadn't really been able to breath. I drove myself to ER waited over 4 hours and was like bump it, I can breathe now and they are taking all day I am leaving.  The next night I couldn't breathe nothing was working called the ambulance and my family told me screw it we are taking you, we cant wait. We left I had no shoes wallet nothing. Got to ER I collapsed. They take me straight to the back I can see and hear medical staff screaming out orders left and right they are talking about my throat is closing in on me and they want to put tubes down my throat, give me this give me that. They give me a breathing treatment it helps but not enough so they put me on a hour long breathing treatment. Take all kinds of test. I get restless again and I am like I am leaving. Then they call me in a room and tell me Ms. Jones we need to run more test we think you have blood clots in your lungs. Thank God the test didn't show any blood clots but I did cough during the test, going to see a specialist. When I was being release, a black nurse was checking me out giving me my scripts and all. She said to me Ms. Jones I am glad to see you looking so much better she said when you came in you had no color to your skin you were so pale. I could hear u breathing from another room I was in, she said I hadn't seen your face but in that moment I started praying for you but I just knew we were going to check out of here on us. When I finally saw you it looked like you had one foot in the grave and I had to just pray harder. Man I knew going in it wasn't good but to here it from her was some real shit. I THANK GOD for putting that nurse and her power of prayer at that time place and moment. I thank her for being so real with. I really gotta focus on myself and my health more.  No stress no other people problem etc etc. I just ha