Aug. 17, 2016

Depression does lengthen your healing time by Michelle Dominique

I actually take a anti-depressant that helps with joint pain. They have very recently, identified a possible correlation with the receptors in our brains that recieve signals from the nerves for pain that also uses the same hormone that combats depression.

So when we are depressed, it is harder for our body to combat physical pain because the hormones are working to combat depression and vise versa. When we are in pain our brain has a harder time dealing with stress, anxiety and depression because the chemicals are being used to try to turn off or regulate the pain receptors that are basically leaking like an running faucet due to the constant, excruciating pain Sickle Cell is causing. Therefore it's draining the much needed 'happiness hormones' that we need to fight depression and disable our pain receptors but all of it has been so quickly depleted due to the constant triggering and overworking/overuse from Sickle Cell Pain Crisis. It's a nasty cycle and is completely out of our control and for the most part unbeknownst to medical and neuropsychological professionals at this time.

No you are not alone. I have been battling with this for years now. It was actually my Sickle Cell Specialist who identified my severe depression over time and set me up for treatment. I see a Psychologist for talk (cognitive) therapy and a Psychiatrist for medication to help with PTSD and bipolar depression.

Please do not be afraid to speak up about this or ask for help. Seek out methods to increase serotonin and dopamine, such as meditation, yoga, dance, music, coloring, chocolatešŸ˜‰, reading, eating healthy square meals and plenty of NIGHTTIME sleep.