Jun. 1, 2016

Comment by Michelle Dominique

Believe me this is true. I was on first name basis with the Manager over the Patient Care and Experience Department at my hospital. If I couldn't reach her, I had the number of the Charge nurse on my floor, the Director over my Sickle Cell Clinic, Patient Advocate Supervisor, and after a really bad experience.... I researched the CEO of my hospital.... Found his info on LinkedIn or Google or whatever listing and called at 2:00am from the ER. His Assistant worked 3rd shift and came to the ER within 20 minutes and I've been on First Name basis with all level of contact info with him...who reports directly to the CEO and Director of the Hospital. Believe me....the fact that I had went that far greatly shamed them that this was going on under their watch. I guarantee my care was superb from that moment on