Dec. 18, 2015

Comment by Howard Moore

You ever seen your child or loved one in sooo much pain that you literally cry from the marrow of your bones!
And yet you have Doctors and attendants that have zero compassion and understanding about this extreme pain and extreme discomfort that Sickle Cell Warriors face All the time when they crisis...

I just read a post from Sickle Cell Cell Warrior Prix Manuel who is in the hospital as we speak. Not getting the care compassion and appropriate response to pain. And yes it saddens AND angers me. They have to endure this LACK OF AWARENESS from SOME medical professionals. Which is absolutely unconscionable,amoral, unwarranted, unforgivable!
These patients have an INHERITED BLOOD DISORDER/ DISEASE! That causes Great pain that mere mortals couldn't even begin to understand!

Having a child that was a Sickle Cell Warrior(rip Mosura Moore) and seeing it time and time again .Allowed me to grasp the sheer magnitude of what they face .Stop with the nonsense lack of awareness MEDICAL "PROFESSIONALS" Get on board and LEARN about this disease . These patients Aren't there for drugs. THEY ARE THERE FOR HELP!

Read further and understand as an eloquent friend Sickle Cell Warrior and Spokesperson Advocate
Shawn Shawns Testimony
gives you further insight on what this disease is about.
Please,Please join us in this war to create awareness and more compassionate and appropriate care for OUR SICKLE CELL WARRIORS.
Join here or your local Sickle Cell Charter or wherever you wish ,WE NEED YOUR VOICE TOO!
Thank you💌
Howard Moore